Types of Stone – Granite

Granite is used in sculptures, buildings, and monuments. For example, Mount Rushmore is carved into granite. Columns and arches are also often made of granite. The composition of this stone is timeless. At Sydney Stone Polishing, we would love to help care for your granite.

How is Granite Created?

Granite forms deep in the earth, influenced by lava. This makes granite an igneous rock. The lava’s crystallization as it cools forms the specks found in granite. Granite actual comes from the word “granum”, which means grain. The longer the rock takes to cool, the bigger the specks that form.

Granite’s Composition

Although trace minerals can be found that affect the overall look of this stone, granite is mainly composed of quartz and potassium feldspar. The more potassium present, the redder the granite will look, whereas white granite is made of more quartz.

How Does Granite Travel?

Granite is formed deep within the earth, so how does it get up here? In fact, granite is the most commonly found surface rock! This is because of seismic activity. Earthquakes have been occurring since the beginning of time, thrusting the granite upwards, even forming mountain ranges!

Granite is Long-Lasting

Granite is hard and durable. This sturdy rock is a favorite of mountain climbers who want to feel secure. It can bear weight, resist scratches, and weathers well. For these reasons, granite is a top choice for building. Floor tiles and granite countertops are great for homes with heavy traffic and high usage.

Sydney Stone Polishing is Your Granite Solution

At Sydney Stone Polishing, we will make sure your granite stays looking sharp! This long-lasting stone can be kept looking as clean as the first day you installed it, with proper care. We will shine up your granite today!