Types of Stone – Sandstone

Sandstone is highly desirable and naturally abundant. This popular material is perfect for adorning landscapes or beautifying the inside of your home. What are the best uses for this beautiful stone? How is it formed? At Sydney Stone Polishing, we make it our priority to be knowledgeable on every type of stone
What is Sandstone?
Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that may contain rock, mineral, or organic material. Each of these pieces occurs in grains the size of sand. There is a cement-like material that binds the grains together. Another part of the stone, called the matrix, is made of bigger chunks of material.
How Does Sandstone Form?
Sandstone often forms off of river deltas, as the sand is laid down and buried. It can also form in sand beds and desert dunes. The Grand Canyon is made of sandstone, in fact! Naturally-occurring sandstone is beautiful and full of wind-swept patterns.
Where is Sandstone Used?

Sandstone is a popular stone for landscaping. Also, since it is water resistant, it is often used for fountains and pools. It is also used as natural oil and gas reservoirs and water aquifers. Sandstone can also be used for building material.

Properties of Sandstone
Sandstone is extremely durable, making it a great stone for building. Its warm colors come from the oxidation process that occurs when the stone is weathered. Sandstone is mostly quarried into flagstone today.
Caring for Your Sandstone
Sandstone is porous and needs to be sealed once a year. On top of this, it is important to clean sandstone on a regular basis. At Sydney Stone Polishing, we can help you properly care for your sandstone. Sandstone is a beautiful choice for any home, whether inside or outside. With proper care, this material will last for ages.