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Even though stone looks and feels hard, it is actually a soft, porous stone. That means unprotected stone easily takes on liquids and can stain, and if your stone surfaces are not cleaned with care, you can damage them.

Keep your stone surfaces stain-free and shiny with stone cleaning services from Sydney Stone Polishing.

We use only the safest cleaners for your stone, and never use:

Acidic Cleaners

Any cleaner with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic, and the lower the pH, the more likely the cleaner is to cause damage. But it is not just strong acidic cleaners you need to worry about; even fruit juices and citrus fruits can cause staining and damage.

Alkaline Cleaners

Cleaners with pH levels above 7 are considered alkaline, or basic. The higher the pH, the more harm it can cause to your stone. Avoid highly basic cleaners such as bleach.


Many household kitchen and bathroom cleaners contain “scrubbing” agents, such as sodium carbonate. Because stone is relatively soft, use of these cleaners can cause small surface scratches that may only be noticeable under certain light but that nevertheless damage your stone.

Daily Stone Cleaning Best Practices

Keeping your stone clean in between professional maintenance and cleaning is crucial to its overall look and good repair. Keep these things in mind when using your stone surface:

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Use coasters, rugs, and other protective items
  • Use pH-neutral cleaning agents, such as washing up liquid diluted with water
  • Use only soft cloths for cleaning
  • Dry surfaces immediately after cleaning

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