Marble Restoration

Marble Restoration Sydney

We all know that having marble surfaces installed is not cheap. Whether it’s marble restoration Sydney, marble flooring, benchtops or bathtub surround; these are a significant investment in any home. It, therefore, makes sense that when working with them, you should not take any risks. We strongly advise against DIY marble (and other marble) rejuvenation as there are so many mistakes that can be made by those without the adequate experience, knowledge and of course the equipment.

Our Marble Restoration Process Sydney

The first step in any marble rejuvenation process involves removing anything that may be stuck on its surface. This includes adhesives but also things like paints and varnishes. You need to be careful in doing this because marble is a relatively soft marble and easy to scratch. Marble Restoration Sydney have purpose build equipment to remove all surface adhered products without causing any damage.
After this, any existing sealant will need to be removed. After the old sealant is removed, any stains and minor surface imperfections are removed with custom built equipment. We can remove most stains and surface imperfections without risking further damage.
Once the marble surface has been prepared to an acceptable level, it will then need to be polished. It is important that the surface is examined closely before it is polished to ensure all imperfections were removed. Polishing a poorly prepared surface will never yield good results.
The final step in marble surface preparation is sealing the surface. This is most important as it gives the marble a protective layer, preventing further damage and keeps it looking beautiful for a longer period of time. Our sealants maintain the natural beauty of the marble.

Although overall the marble rejuvenation process may sound relatively straightforward, we strongly advise against any DIY projects when working with marble or any other marble. There are just far too many things that can go wrong and these errors can destroy the marble forever. Don’t take a chance doing it yourself, for all marble restoration services contact the professionals. Call Sydney Stone Polishing on 0426 767 676.


What is marble restoration?

Marble restoration refers to the process of restoring damaged or worn-out marble surfaces to their original state. This involves various techniques such as honing, polishing, grinding and sealing, depending on the extent of the damage and the desired outcome.

Can marble be restored?

Yes, marble can be restored. With our marble restoration services, even severely damaged marble can often be restored to its original condition through professional restoration techniques.

How much does it cost to clean and seal marble?

The cost of cleaning and sealing marble depends on various factors such as the size of the area, the level of damage or staining and the type of sealer used. For an accurate quotation for all marble restoration services in Sydney, contact the professionals. Call Sydney Stone Polishing on 0426 767 676.

What is the best way to restore marble?

The best way to restore marble depends on the type and extent of the damage. For minor scratches and stains, honing and polishing is usually sufficient. For more severe damage or etching, grinding and resurfacing may be required. A professional stone restoration company, such as Sydney Stone Polishing, can assess the damage and recommend the best approach.

Can old marble be repolished?

Yes, old marble can be repolished. The process involves removing the existing finish, honing the surface and then polishing it to a high gloss.

How many years does marble last?

Marble is a durable and long-lasting natural stone that can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Its lifespan can depend on various factors such as usage, foot traffic and exposure to moisture and acidic substances. With regular cleaning and sealing, marble surfaces can retain their beauty and durability for decades.

For professional marble restorations in Sydney, trust the experts at Sydney Stone Polishing, we aim to provide the best service we can, every time.