Stone Repairs

Professional Stone Repairs Sydney

While stone floors, walls, and décor are known for their durability and resilience, there are times when natural stone may need repair. Over time, due to age, wear and physical trauma chips, discoloration, and other issues may occur.When they do, your natural stone may benefit from expert stone repair services to restore both its utility and visual appearance.

Types of Stone Repairs

Depending on which kind of stone you have installed, and what kind of damage has occurred,the type of repair will vary, as well.

Tile Scratches and Chips

This type of repair not only requires pulling up the damaged tile but may also require pulling up nearby tiles. When moving tiles around, it is easy to accidentally damage tiles that are ingood shape, so call Sydney Stone Polishing to help you with tile removal and replacement.

Grout Replacement

Tiles will sometimes become loose but not be damaged. This happens as the grout between tiles begins to wear away. Replacing this area with new grout will help you re-secure your tile.


Sometimes, scratches and wear become noticeable. This is when refinishing may be in order. Different types of stone require different processes, so call in the pros at Sydney Stone Polishing to help you get an expert to refinish on your stone surface.

Discoloration and Stain

With stone, it can be difficult to distinguish between a discoloration and a stain. Both require different types of treatment, so please do not attempt to fix either situation yourself. Make sure you know which has occurred before attempting to fix the stone surface.

Take Good Care of Your Stone for Long Life

Stone surfaces are a wise investment as long as they are properly cared for. At Sydney Stone Polishing, we can help you fix any issues with your stone surface or stone tiles. We will be able to swiftly diagnose anyexisting issue!