Stone Sealing

Stone Sealing Sydney

Stone is a fascinating material. So much so that it is used throughout the construction industry in many different forms. Stone is often associated with the thoughts of lavish mansions and only for the elite, but over the last couple of decades. It has really become more common and accessible. 

A Little Bit About Stone

Despite the beauty of marble, it has its own inherent weaknesses. It is a substance that is structurally related to limestone, and although marble has some significant metamorphic changes when compared to limestone. It still has a high porosity. This means that if any liquids are spilled on a marble surface, the marble can and will absorb the liquids. This will result in a dark staining in that particular area of marble which is difficult to remove.

Protect With Marble Sealing

To prevent this from happening, all marble surfaces should be sealed by a marble sealing specialised for this type of surface. This effectively provides a barrier between the marble and any spilled liquids. Preventing them from being absorbed into the marble. Not only will this prevent staining. But a sealant can also prevent superficial damage to the marble which would have otherwise occurred through physical or chemical exposure.

If you use Sydney Stone Polishing to rejuvenate your marble surfaces, we will always recommend marble sealing to the finished product. This not only protects is, but prolongs the time your marble will last before another restoration is required.

Whether it’s marble or another marble you need to be repaired, we can do it. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you. We can do a free estimate for your marble sealing or any other needs. Feel free to email us or get in touch with us today on 0426 767 676 for your free and no obligation tailored quote!