Types of Stone – Porcelain

When you hear the word ‘porcelain’, you probably think of a porcelain doll. Porcelain, however, has many uses. This gorgeous, delicate stone requires great care. At Sydney Stone Polishing, we know exactly how to care for your porcelain.
Not Made in China
Although porcelain pottery has its roots in China, porcelain tile is a different story. Porcelain tile comes in two different types:
  • Through-bodied – Chips and scratches are disguised by color and texture that runs all the way through the porcelain tile. This is a durable type of tile for floors, countertops, and walls. It is unglazed, as the glaze sometimes wears off.
  • Glazed – This is covered in a hard finish known as a ‘wear layer’. The finish is covered, and the tile is strong and dense.
A Low Maintenance Option
Porcelain tile is durable, long-lasting, and repels water. It is easy to clean, as well. As long as you immediately wipe up any water and give it a good sweep once in a while, porcelain tile will last for a long time. Unglazed porcelain will need to be cleaned more often, and abrasives should be avoided.
Installing Porcelain
Porcelain needs to be installed on a flat subfloor. Surfaces such as concrete are a good area to lay porcelain tile on. It can also go on plywood or on existing tile that is still in good condition. Because this tile is a mix of fine clay and mineral that has been heated to a high temperature, it can resist stains, bacteria, and odors.
The Perfect Choice for Your Home

Porcelain is a wonderful option for heavy traffic homes. If you have children or pets, this is a good option for low maintenance flooring. At Sydney Stone Polishing, we will help care for your porcelain!