DIY Tips for your Marble Bathroom

Having your marble bathroom come back to its original form can be tough, but today, we’ll take a look at a few tips that will help you in no time!


  1. Traditional cleaning

The first option you have for cleaning marble is simply getting a sponge/rag, warm water, and a type of stone cleaner. Make sure to be gentle with the scrub/wipe down and that you use an appropriate amount.


  1. Sanding Marble

Another option you’ll have is to sand the marble itself. Before doing this though, make sure you wipe down the marble thoroughly with water. If you go for the option of sanding as well, using the first tip would also be in your favor to do, just to act as an extra clean to the stone. Once you are ready to sand, make sure to go in a gentle, circular motion around the stone, hitting all areas to get a thorough clean. Afterwards, you can take a look at your marble bathroom repair in satisfaction.


  1. Polish and Sealer Combination

One of the most beneficial methods you will find is to have your marble bathroom repairs fixed with a polish. Having your stone bathroom restoration happen with a polishing can be expensive, but will certainly be the deepest clean, for the most part. A polish will repair scratches, dull surfaces, and more.

Also, once you have your marble bathroom polished, it’s a good idea to go ahead and apply a sealer as well. This will ensure that the work the polisher did lasts and prevents any other marks for coming for some time.


  1. Home-Grown Methods

Last but not least, we’ll be taking a quick look at some miscellaneous methods that have been used to bring back that shine to marble. Some of these home methods include remedies such as detergent. Also, Poultice is very, very effective in the aid to cleaning marble as well.


  1. Advice and Professional help

Your Marble bathroom is currently a hot topic, but you do need to be aware that wear and tear can happen at any stage. It does not matter how much time and effort you put into maintaining it, this everyday wear is inevitable. Sydney Stone Polishing can help you with the best advice on how to keep up with it and admire how great it looks. We can take a look at your marble bathroom and let you know what needs to be done and how long it will take. Allowing you to know exactly what to expect during the restoration process.



Well, there you have it! There are five great tips that can help you with your marble bathroom repair in no time! Whether its restoring marble bathroom floors, or a simple polish, we have these tips were helpful in aiding you in stone bathroom restoration.